a n d r o g y n

For one of our school's fashion show we had to work in teams. Designing first and tailoring everything afterwards. Our topic was "Androgyn" and the titel "Opposited attract" perfectly include the fact that very male aspects in suitsm can be used for female clothing as well.

My idea (the very first sketch below to the left) was to have a wide and long blazer-jacket where I played with the left and right fabric-side. A very dominant bow-tie served as an eye-catcher as its in a dramatic colour and material. I included scuttled afford bags and as we didn't have enough time in order to sew

a full shirt, I came up with the idea to tailor a "fake-front" shirt with wide black elastic-bands. The idea was, that this design could go on the catwalk even without the blazer.

The trousers are flared or loon trousers with a permanent crease at the front.

t h e   f i n a l   s h o w 

g a l l e r y

P r e s e N a t i o n