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"The structure of nature is a strategy for design"

This organic looking packaging design is


based on the research of nature and how

natures structure is a system for design.

It always was and will be, that humans are

orientating themselves and getting

inspiration by nature. It doesn’t matter if it is

in the area of architecture, fashion…etc.

People will always be fascinated by patterns,

colours and structures of nature. Most of the

best designs are simply based on natures

and so is this packaging design for fruit.

However, all my research and analysis about

the natural creations I decided to dedicate all

my knowledge to a special design.

"Something from

nature for nature."

That was the reason why I decided to design

a packaging design for fruit. I never design

a packaging design either, so I was even

more fascinated by the thought of creating

new shapes for something which isn’t really

branded those days yet. Fruit are most of

the time displayed by itself, because of their

natural package design, but there are fruits

which come in plastic wrappings or clingfilm.

I tried to create something that protects the

fruit but on the other side isn’t airtight or

sealed so that the fruit can still “breath”.

This pressures 3D obejct was design by

myself and produced in the studio of the

company Inition - massive shout out and




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S.I. Self initiated project

- packaging design -

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