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Screen printing

One of my first printed project in the London College of

Communication was to visualise electronic music in a graphic

design way and apply it to a appropriate material.

With the technique of "screen printing" it is not only possible to

print white colour, but also that it stays on any surface under one

condition: The substrate has to be flat in order to print the ink

through a screen with a squeeze through.  

My aim was to apply my typographic design on to vinyls and vinyl

covers independent from their structure or textures. I even tested

other materials such as "mirror-paper" where ink was suppose to

stay really difficult, but once it was dry, it did stay perfectly.

The only disadvantage was reliablility of the ink on the vinyl

surface when you scratch it. Not suitable if you would like to play

the vinyl again but for the cover it was a full success. 

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