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MA final work:

The book cover is 2mm real plywood. The dark visual summary and the second copy of the report are dyed wood this is how you get the nice lighter effect when you engrave the text. On the side are a few laser cut holes for the "copic-book binding" process.

The letterforms for letterpress are also laser cut on 3mm plywood attached to 15mm MDF blocks.

Business cards

Using different materials and shapes than paper and 55x55mm formats for business cards were the aim of this project. BE DIFFERENT! Judging on the reactions of the people receiving the cards I have to say it was a full success. The acrylic hexagon cards look similar to glass.

Designing a card which reflects my area of profession! The elements of a pencil, laptop, light bulb for ideas, etc. are visualising the area graphic design. 

Business cards

According to my BA finals outcome was a description of my installation piece necessary. 

It is in form of a computer chip and cut into 4-5mm red acryl. The tricky part on this was to connect all the letters as much as possible with each other that they are not falling out when u cut them. 

BA discription

I’m dealing with humans getting computer-chipped and kind of robots in a sense to make the world perfect and a more controlled place.
Basically 2 theories of my research came together here to for this final idea.

• The first layer of clear 12mm acrylic was based on the “house of cards theory” this theory says. If you take one card out everything falls in. IT is exact the same notion I want to make people aware of when the get computer chips implanted. There are PROS and CONS:
PRO: To interact with the environment gets more and more convenient. You have all your info about you from health to money on your chip.
CONS: but on the other side if he chip is broken or gets stolen, all the information about you is lost or can get abused!

• The second layer of a gear system should visualize our system and on every gear is one letter which forms: S-O-C-I-E-T-Y
In the middle is the smallest cog which is the only gear you can move and spin…if you spin this all the other gears will spin too and the system works…BUT if you take this gear out. Nothing works any more and stands still = the society isn’t working any more.
The green colour from the gears should visualize the notion or patterns of an computer chip
The red colour from the smallest gear should symbolize the important of the smallest element and it says in engrave letters: “Control Element”
Another red element which should connect to the installation is the red “computer chip type piece”. The colour links both this piece with the installation and an installation always needs a little description to it anyways.
On this piece I connected the type as good as possible and the font I’ve used needed to be very simple (Helvetica)
Find written piece from illustrator!

BA installation

The “characteristics” of laser cutting is, it makes every job perfectly without any cutting or engraving mistakes IF the human doesn’t make one wile preparing the file.
One of my tutors used to say all the time:

"Be careful in using laser cut, because the technique itself makes it so appealing for your eyes that the content and idea behind isn’t that important any more!"

Sheena Calvert

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