t h e  l o g o  p r o c e s s ,  p o s t e r ,  f l y e r ,   t i c k e t , .  . . e t c .

After our two year diploma-course we were proud to present our final collection in the end at our final show on the 16th of June 2016 in the first district in Vienna. Therefore we had to organize aboutely EVERYTHING! 

As I was in one of the leading positions of our organization-team. Our tasks were: Finding the locations, the models, the choreography, finding sponsors, ...aaaannnnddd most important the Cooperate Identity + the mediaappearance (on facebook for example).

As our topic, we choose to run the show unter the name "Industrial Crystals" therefore I designed a few versions of the logo (you can find below) and decided which one to pic in our collective as a team. The shapes are inspired by minerals & crystals with a light font and a light blue for the finish. Further on we had the honor to shoot the abandoned basement floor of the university-building in order to gain our official background-picture for our facebook page, poster, flyer apart from the marble design from the location itself. 

Even our tickets had an ordinary shape and system to unfold in order to create a more interesting look.

g a l l e r y