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T H E   P E R F E C T   B A L A N C E

They say, you haven't truly been "Down Under" if you never experienced the sleeping giant.


First of all, a lot of Australian’s themselves haven’t been to holy Uluru yet, even tho they live on this beautiful continent all of their life’s. I decided to spend these 800€ (yes that's the cheapest tour flights included from Peter Pan Travel agency) and just go!

This really is the price you have to be willing to pay for a 4 day trip in oder to experience the Northern Territories. At least everything is planned out in the end. The area around Ayers rock is very expensive. A lot of accommodations/hotels can cost 500€ per night if you plan everything yourself. There are two ways of planning this trip right and one option where it might even get a little bit cheaper:


Ayers Rock

  1. Fly to Alice Springs airport, rent a van and then drive to Uluru. Camping is most relaxed around the outback in terms of wild-camping. A lot of the free areas so you can wild camp conveniently with a self-contained camper van.

  2. If you don’t know the area that well or you are by yourselve, just like me, it’s better to go in one of these backpacker travel agencies and book the whole trip with them. They have these "all inclusive packages" where they book everything for you. Flights, transfers, day tour and outdoor camping. Convenient but not as free as everything is timed and coordinated.



Always looked like a giant sleeping alien to me covered with some kind of red blanket.

Imagination is key in live ;)

It’s such an incredible experience to sleep outside in a “Swag” it's what Australian's call an outback-sleeping bag. Very adventures. In the evening you make a little BBQ around a fireplace with your crew and sing along to the sound of your team leader/guide. Bliss 

G a l l e r y 


Since October 2019 it's not allowed any more to climb the holy rock, For Aborigines it's like you walk on their church, despite this spiritual reason it's also out of safety that the country decided to shut this activity down. A lot of people lots their lives as it can be very slippery, windy and so forth very dangerous to climb the "sleeping giant" 



Mornings start around 5am in the morning around the Northern Territories in oder to experience one of the most amazing sunrises you will ever experience in your life.

I can not describe these incredible color variety around Ayers Rock. The contrast of the blue sky, the red earth and some Green and Yellow of nature makes it a mind-blowing experience you can hardly explain in your own words.


Breath in, breath out and enjoy the energy


Kata Tjuta / Mount Olga



G a l l e r y 

A lot of people forget that around the area of Uluru there is so much more to discover apart from the holy rock itself. 

Kata Tjuta with Mount Olga on the picture above on the left is such a fantastic hiking spot. A little bit further is Australia's "Grant Canyon" with a small lake at its bottom:

Canyon adventures



G a l l e r y 

G a l l e r y