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The anatomy of layers

The first outcome of my MA project was very experimental and

involved the development of images and the triangle shape. My topic

was "the anatomy of layers" where I was researching to the area of

anatomy such as the human body and typography. To visualise layers

was the best technique screen printing as the separate colour layers

will be "see-through" and give a nice effect on the composition.

Visualizing these aspects brought me to 2 final solutions you see hear:

Anatomy visualize from the beginning of my research:

The human body and it's layers:

• Skin

• Muscular

• Bones

- Text in combination with image & symbols (in this case triangles) -

The text: Life • Death - Love • Hate, etc. is standing for the theory of the

"Paradox"as my research/typology about skulls was showing one

schema in relation to the skull -  it alway come in combination with

something beautiful (for example a rose).

Additionally to these posters is a:

The paradox

This experiment shows visualizing only animal anatomy / skulls in

various colour combinations and layering not in manual screen printing

but in digital printing with a laser-printer. The 3D effect on the 4th

images was working every well and one of the advances was to

position the layers more precise.

A fascinating side effect where images what all of a sudden appear out

of the combination if 3,4 or 5 images together. 

CMYK / layers in digital print

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