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The paper dress

Based on the book & theater

play “Look back in anger“ by

 John Osborne we had to

produce an artwork with ALL

the words of the book.

By making a dress, out of the pages from the book, I tried to reflact the key story of the book:
One of the main characters in the story called Jimmy Porter was always restricting the two girls Alison (his wife) and Helena (became his new girlfriend later on).

That’s why I decided to make a corset, to visalize the two women which get restricted by Jimmy’s character.
I looked into a lot of 1950s dresses and came across this type of dress with the corsage.

Background information:
The play is about the young post war England and all the problems they had to deal with, during that time. The ribbon of the corset is red, it is the same colour, which is on the front cover of the book and stands for the time of revolution.

Combination of photography and illustrations by myself

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