Fashion Illustration work

Drawing sketches, learning how to paint properly with Aquarell colour or knowing how to handle Copic-markerts. These are the vital aspects of a designer in the creative industry. In order to cherish an idea and bringing it to paper one must have the ability to develop skills in the sector of illustration design.

During the past few years, involving my graphic design career, I was (let's say) trained to do sketches, illustrations and all sort of drawings. Either by hand on paper or in a digital way. Drawing for fashion-design purposes brought everything to a much higher level of understanding of the human body, proportions and the capacity to find my own style or let's say, way of visualising my designs. 

Find a collection of sketches, paintig and drafts of my work below. Enjoy!

g a l l e r y  - f e m a l e   f a s h i o n   i l l u s

change how you see and see how you change

g a l l e r y

i n s p i r a t i o n a l   c o l l a g e   i l l s

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