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Images from my making process, final outcomes and individual design patterns related to the aztec style.

Graz meets ℒondon

The Austrian advertising agency "Am Sonnendeck" is organizing a private

view together with graphic design student Kristin Katzer BA who is recently

working on her MAster degree @ the London College of Communication.

The vernissage on Wednesday the 22nd of August 2012 focused on Aztec

-pattern designs, which are printed with the technique of Screen printing in

an Austrian studio in St. Georgen. It is possible to buy various unique hand

-made, limited fabric designs such as pillows, bags and T-shirts in the

shop/gallery or in our Online Shop.

History & Culture

The making process / Screen printing

Drawing process / designs

Patterns & textures

Our online shop / archive / designs / the concept

The cataloge

How screen printing works

Partners & Sponsore

Pictures of the private view

Home sweet home

Advertising and promotion

Map / Graz / Austria / Mariahilfer str. 23

The Shop / Gallery

I'm happy to say the event was a full success all parts involved. It got

published in various Austrian magazines and we ended up with a lot of

inquiries about individual colour cominations of pillows and Tshirts to


The advertising agency Sonnendeck created a wonderful collaboration by

supporting different artists in their small Studio in the area of Lend in the city

Graz / Austria. This wonderful combination of aknowleging creativity

and encouraging ideas is definitely a step into the future to achieve cultural

developments on the next level.


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