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Hidden away beyond an adventures bush walk straight along one of New South Wale's most beautiful beaches in the National Park close to Sydney are the natural shaped "Figure 8 pools".

Back in the days, these pools were only used as fishing pools. In order to keep the fisher's fish fresh once caught. Today this destination is one of the most extrodinary day trips and a "must-see" from Sydney.


An Australian couple guided this tour as they are the only ones with the permission to bring people to this beautiful place if you haven't rented a car by yourself and know the way.


F I G U R E  8  P O O L S

G A L L E R Y :

G A L L E R Y :

Such a refreshing and diverse walk. First you are guided into the wild bushland along a path and seemingly natural stairs. 

The video on the bottom right shows you how the landscape suddenly changed to this beautiful metal-grid walk. At this point you can already see and hear the waves of the ocean. 

The picture below shows me and the beach you have to walk along to reach the pools.

We spend the whole day playing around the pools as there's are 2 in the shape of an 8 but many other different shaped ones as well. Just be careful of the strong waves crushing the coast.

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