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A month of exciting travels 

through one of the most 

historical countries in the world and one of the most vibrant cities on this planet. I decided o take the

challenge as a "solo traveller" in order to enhance my zen mediation skills and trudge all the impressive buddhist 

temples & shinto shrines.

g a l l e r y

What I do

What I do

I tried to keep the balance between visiting the more traditional areas and the loud, crazy and colorful spots of the capital city of Japan.

Tokyo truly is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen, comparing to all the countries I've seen so far. The people are very friendly and always happy to help but I recon their english-skills need a little bit of improvement. It says, a lot of japanese people learn english but they refuse to speak until they are fluent. However, Japan is one of the most saved countries in the world to travel alone at any time! Which is quite impressive if you think of the little alleys and the countless dark lanes you walk while following google maps.

During my stay I rented an airbnb in Yanaka, Tokyo's area of cats. It used to say that most of the cats live in the area of Bunkyo, because they love the space in-between the temples and the ground. 

Asakusa shrine and Meji temple are one of the most famous places to visit when you're coming to Tokyo, but there are more hidden ones and knowing the difference between Buddhism and Shinto is a vital aspect when it comes to japanese history and religion. 

Shinto: Belongs to the Japanese tradition and is the religion of the living (Buddhism is more for life after death)

Buddhism on the other hand, is the general Asian religion brought from other countries (such as India, Korea & China) into Japan. The Pagoda belongs to B for example and they have 5 levels: representing the 4 elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind plus 1 for heaven. 

In a few spiritual places such as Nikko, there was a beautiful fusion happening between these two different traditions around the 16th century.

I decided to visit this specific Shrine because the Shogun who used to be here back in the days, who‘s spirit is still at the very top, was very patience until he became a Shogun and actually was above 60 (by the time he was living the life-expectation was only 30yrs) However, if you prepair yourself for any kind of battel or something you would like to achieve & need focus, patience & consistency in life: 
💮Come here 💮

Make a wish and they might be granted.

g a l l e r y

g a l l e r y >>>>>>

Golden Gai - is Tokyo's famous area of locals bars. Its flair is very mysterious and you kind of hope to witness some odd things going on there or some crazy underground parties but in reality it's just a chilled place with lots of tiny bars where people like to socialize.