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As I created a beige-copper-skirt in my first year at the school of fashion here in Vienna, I decided to take it on in my colour concept for my final collection. That's why I designs this coat with a lot of beautiful combinations such as these lovely inspirations you can find to the left of this text.

I was excited to learn how to manufacture a pointed revers (see red mood image) in combination with a inverted pleat & a bow on the backside.

The coat has only one vintage-button from Berlin and zwo shifted iphone-pockets in black.

As we learned with every other piece of design: we created a Molino(fabric)-sample first before starting off with the final piece in order to draw the pockets and in case we have any other changes after we tried it on for the first time. The hanger is braided out of the lining material.

G a l l e r y


Model: Elisa Berger

Photography & Graphic: Christian Ertlbauer & Gregor Fotograpfie

Location: School of fashion

Michelbeuern / Vienna

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