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T H E  F I N A L  S H O W

One of the highlights of my past 2 years during my fashion diploma was our graduation show.

As one of the main leaders, my duty was to organize several areas of the event. Planning, renting different types of facilities, designing the Cooperate identiy including posters, flyers, the logo, entry tickets,...etc.

Further on I had to work backstage while the show was running. As a team we decided to go for a runway-stage choreography. Which means the models had to stand around the runway, before and after the show in order for the audience to walk around, have a closer look and taking pictures of our designs.

One of our sponsors even had a stall in order to sell their crystal jewelleries as our theme was called "industrial crystals". In order to find a consistent concept underlining our colour concept of blue tones, grew, silver & copper we considered it for best to focus on the field of crystas & minerals.


g a l l e r y

Model: Elisa Berger, Larissa Feichtinger

Photography & Graphic: Aimee Blaskovic

Location: BAWAK PSK, 1. District  Vienna

g a l l e r y  o f  t h e  C i

c o o p e r a t e  i d e n t i t y

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