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V I S I T I N G   T H E   C A P I T A L   C I T Y

Or do you still think the capital city of Australia must be Melbourne or Sydney?

Not like any other capital cities is Canberra very quiet and also no heavily populated. My first visit was with a 2 day tour from Sydney. Visiting all the political places and museum. Even tho Australia doesn’t have much history, it’s very rich in its culture and lifestyle. I even got lucky along the lake when the beautiful trees changed the colour of their leaves in every single autumn tone. Renting a bike and driving round can be as adventures as hiking up the bush to the telecom tower. 3-4 days and you’ve seen everything. Incredible!

G A L L E R Y :

f  r  e  e  l  a  n  c  e       D  E  S  I  G  N  I  N  G

Having the honor to work for Austria's most successful and world-wide-known company Red Bull as a freelance designer.  I'm proud to be involved in the newest inventions and technology projects. During these collaboration-projects I'm the point of intersection between their technology and the fashion industry.

Got curious? TOP SECRET

For my latest inventions, prototypes and design please don't hesitate to contact me. This way, I would like to demonstrate the fact that I highly respect Red Bull‘s nondisclosure rule in any  professional way possible!

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