The Kimono has a long tradition with its origins rooted in the asian culture. I was always fascinated by the traditional, distinct style, which is very different from every other coat-design. With this design I was studying the ratio between the kimono-cut & the wool materials I was using. One of the most difficult tasks to overcome, was managing all the round edges & side-seams.

On the backside I decided to implement an inverted/ box pleat with copper-fabric inside. The shoulder-parts are ment to be "cut-open" just like a visual effect so it reveals the copper parts. No buttons for this one but the front edge and curve can be used as pockets. The inner lining is the closes to a copper coating with inside pockets both left and right.

Model: Elisa Berger

Photography & Graphic: Christian Ertlbauer & Gregor Fotograpfie

Location: School of fashion

Michelbeuern / Vienna

w o r k   i n   p r o c e s s 

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