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"Grow up"

Double meanings or ambiguity can be visualized in various

ways. It is all about finding the right sentence a second

meaning and the right material that forms it. This is easier

than it is really but during my research and experimenting with

about 15 topics I came across natural materials which react to

certain conditions.

This brought me to the cree plant as it is the fastest in growing

and you can literally watch how they enlarge or expand. 

I decided to document this process during a period of 6 days

and designed a story board. I spelled the letters 

G-R-O-W U-P in capital letters to visualise growing up as in

growing up at home from a child to an adult and growing up as

it the seeds are developing and increasing to plants.

6th. day - Analysing the observation that the movments of the growing process was going towards the window - in the direction of the sun. The lifespan and the growing process were the same interval.

5th. day - The excitement of noticing the first movements even if
the process of growth is too slow for the human eye to perceive.

3th. day - Temperature : Cling film increased the process of
growing as the effect was similar to the the one as in a “glasshouse“.

1st. day - Spreading out the seeds made me realise they cannot
be too close together as it would suspend or stop them from growing.

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