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Case study / Typography / Butterfly grid

The brief:

Create an identity for the artist Mat

Collishaw in the form of a font,after

that apply his new identity in

connection with his Artwork called

"submission" in the format of a

poster for the Haunch of Venisen


The project "submission" includes

various images of his macro


After reading the brief, I was

looking into the areas of butterfly

anatomy and I decided to use one

specific butterfly-wing to great my

own grid system.

It isn't always as easy as it

looks, the typeface still needs

a lot of improvements, but

because of it's different

approach it does become a

very unique type solution.

As the letterforms itself

became very experimental I

decided to use Helvetica as

subtext in order to keep the

balance within the layout

without taking too much

attention away from

Collishaw's art-piece.

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