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TuTu de Monde

Working of the


most glamorous 


luxury fashion label


designated to our

younger generation

designed in Sydney.

Photo credits: Tutu de Monde

T h e    L o v e   f o r   d e t a i l

Having the great honor of working this closely for an Australian fashion label in the area of Alexandria in Sydney, was one of the absolute highlight during my stay down under. Founded by Andrea from German and her team, this utterly beautiful warehouse space was their creative atelier and storage at the same time. Only the production process is outsourced and even smaller photo shootings are taken within these walls. I have to say, it was wonderfully inspiring. Seeing such an incredible matched team, coming up with ideas, manufacturing processes and handling the production internationally was a very enjoyable work environment.

Check out their latest collections on their website! Trust me. You won't be disappointed ;)

T H E  C R E A T I V E  C H A O S


Andrea and her daughter plus forever muse

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