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t  r  o  u  s  e  r  s

m a d e  i n  V i e n n a

Having the luxury of  manufacture two trousers within a few months was quite an experience. At the beginning you find yourself between accomplishing the tasks, step-by-step along with writing down notes how everything is been done. This way it's easier to remember once you start with the second trousers. 

For the inside we used Viscose-inner-lining, which just goes half down the trousers. We decided to go for "Italian" pockets on the side seams and just one pocket at the back as we always ask our client if they are left-or right-hander. Professional tailored trousers always have just one pocket at the back compared to fast-fashion ones. As the companies do not know if their clients are left or right-hander.

On my design of my clients trousers you will find a pleat or tuck at the very front. The buttons are vegetable ivory, which you can only buy in the first district when you live in Vienna.

While working on the manufacturing aspects of my trousers you have to arrange three appointments with your client for fitting-purposes. During the fitting, you get to check if it fits perfectly. The waist, crutch and the movement of the fabric need to be observed. If something isn't in the right place you can either use a tailor-crayon or pins to get it right. Keep an eye on the tiptoes in what direction they point as you need to take that into account as well and make sure the pleat points in the middle of the shoe. 

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