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As a reference of my work, I learned in the early stages of my study in London, that it's a vital key item to keep:

A "sketchbook".

In this very specific book, I gather all sketches, drawings, illustrations, design-steps and images of work I've done so far. I even pin fabric-samples down in order to find them again or next to my design drawings. This way, I have everything in one place and I could always go back to design-stages or different processes. It's a good way of showing people ideas, keep track of what you are doing and comes in handy for presentations or confrontations with the clients. A creative mind isn't always the easiest to handle, but this way it bring structure to the construction and texture to the project. Following the creative mind can be one of the most beautiful journeys you will ever find your mind wonder around. It's not a place for judgment yet, but already a field of decision-making. There is no specific size or rules you have to follow. Just keep collecting, glueing into and writing down your thoughts and you'll see where the adventure takes you...

Get lost in the process...

g a l l e r y 

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