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The typeface / final prints

Layers / colours and registration

Once my letterforms were drawn, redrawn in

Illustrator and laser cut in 3mm wood it was time

to attach them to 15mm MDF board in order to

get the right depth for the  printing pressure. The

difficult part was the registration of each

letterform as the layers need to be glued on in the

exact same positions as the rest in order to get a

perfect layered printing result.

Inspiration and designing process

The laser cut "stamps" and final prints

The colour combination was relying on the different areas in

nature I took the textures and letters from. Blue stands for the

sea and water, orange,brownish for animals, birds,..etc. and

green is for nature in general. It was interesting to see that the

blue one had to go in the middle in order to create the right

contrast between the layers.


All the coloures are mixed by myself with pantone picments and

medium.  On the basis of a swatch book it is quite easy to mix

them but takes a wile until you know how to do it and get the

right coloure tone.

In this image above I tried different colour combinations related

to nature, earth, water or everything together. Especially the

dark olive green one was very strong on the digital print but it

turned out to be rather boring when I "test-printed" it.

The visual summary shows a view digital prints on matt acetate

where you can see the layers working on top of each other. The

idea about the layers is still coming from my previous projects

about layers in anatomy.

Finding myself in one of our University videos, while working for my MA project. If you want to find out what I did, go to :

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