fashion supplies

In one of the districts in Guangzhou has a lot of shopping malls have developed hundreds of products for merchandising purposes, including metal clothes hangers, plastic clothes hangers, leather clothes hangers, trousers hangers and mannequins,dress maker mannequins, plastic body forms, soft body stand and so on. 

Alice's Pig as a brand was looking for a new design indluding new material for their shopping-bags and a new design for their hangers in their shops.

That's why where were walking from mall to mall in order to compare prices inluding shipping to Europe.

The amount of design-varieties within price labels was tremendous, so was the the diversity of mannequin-designs. If you look through the images I was taking during my journey you can see for yourself how impressiv this supply was and still is. However, in terms of costs, it is a depate point wheather it would make sense to buy all of these merchandise supplies in China and ship it to Europe afterwords or just buy everything in Europe. Food for thought.

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