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t h e    S  u  r  r  e  a  l  i  s  t  i  c    F  a  s  h  i  o  n  s  h  o  w 

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Inspired by one of the world most famous artists Salvadore Dali, our fashion University in Vienna decided to make its own Fashion Show in honor of his art movement and creations. Surrealism was one of the most abstract and colorful periods of all time. That's why we decided to go absolutely mad on the fabrics, the patterns and our fashion-cuts. The traditional english men's tailoring usually doesn't approve experimental ways of manufacturing, but in this case our designs did not have any limits what so ever. 

f  i  n  a  l   s  h  o  w

Photography & Graphic: Aimee Blaskovic

Location: WUK, 9th District Vienna

T  h  e   m  a  k  i  n  g   o  f  f

In a team of 4 people, we've got the last to create a wonderful mix of bee-patterned fabrics in combination with a grey-stripped fresco-fabric, which wasn't always the easiest to handle. I was very proud when I heard the news that my own design got chosen out of all the others from our course to be become real. I've ordered special flower-patches from Hong Kong in order to hand-sew them on our trousers and double-breasted suit. 

During the different stages we had 3 fitting appointments for our model to come in and try everything on. This means we had the opportunity to learn how to customize everything everything so it fits perfectly. 

Below you'll find some extracts of my sketchbook where I collected all my ideas, experiments and final solutions throwout my journey.

s k e t c h b o o k    w o r k


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