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Inspired by textures in nature I

developed a letterform to each

letter in the alpahbeth.

These fors are very graphical

reduced. Only the vital elements

are applied to  the shapes of the

Vogue related typeface by Henrik


During redesigning Kobel's

letterform and transforming it

into my own I became more and

more confident in breaking the

outlines in order to make it look

more dynamic.

The concept

A - Alligator
B - Bee combs
C - Coral
D - Daisy flower
E - Egg
F - Feather
G - Giraffe
H - Hair
I - Ice
J - Jellyfish
K - Kiwi
L - Leaf
M - Melon
N - Nautilus
O - Octopus
P - Pineapple
Q - Queen Scallop
R - Rainbow
S - Snake
T - Tree
U - Universe
V - Virus
W - Water
X - Xingu River Ray
Y - Bamboo plant species
Z - Zebra

The designs visualise a journey

about the collaboration between

hand drawn processes and

digital media in the field of


printed letterforms

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