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Perspective / positioning & space

This project was our workshop option

during my MA study @ the London College

of Communication.

My brief demanded to create an identity

and individual signage for a museum space.

I decided to create my final piece in form of

an hanging

installation which is only visible in the dark

and from a specific point of view/position

people had to stand in order to see/read it.

The model is build with "mini glow stick" to

demonstrate how the big Installation with

GLASS-LIGHT TUBES would look like, if

really produced.

The most difficult part was to always run

around between the art-work and your

camera in order to see the changes you

made in the installation and what you see

through your camera because as soon as

you leave the position of the camera lense

you only see small small glow lights hanging

on fragile fish-wire in different depths and


Especially because the fishwire wasn't

attached to the ground, they were moving

around and my wooden "side-bits" weren't

tensioned enough.

The image above of the installation is totally

without Photoshop and the image below is

only retouch in the brightness of the lights

but no light was moved or added into the



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