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Screen printing my sugar skull designs on T-shirts

3D photography project

Screen printing is a printing technique

that uses a woven mesh to support an

ink-blocking stencil. The attached

stencil forms open areas of mesh that

transfer ink or other printable

materials which can be pressed

through the mesh as a sharp-edged

image onto a substrate. A fill blade

or squeegee is moved across the

screen stencil, forcing or pumping

ink into the mesh openings for

transfer by capillary action during

the squeegee stroke. Basically, it is

the process of using a stencil to

apply ink onto another material.

Screen printing is also a stencil

method of print making in which a

design is imposed on a screen

 of polyester or other fine mesh,

with blank areas coated with an

impermeable substance. Ink is

forced into the mesh openings

by the fill blade or squeegee

and onto the printing surface

during the squeegee stroke. It is

also known as silkscreen,

serigraphy, and serigraph


A number of screens

can be used to produce a
multicoloured image.

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