Related to our selected crystal stone I decided to dedicate my final coat to a very special mineral named

"Cetrin". The copper inspirations, combined with blue, black & red influences are the key points of my final colour concept while the developments of my tailoring skills are clearly conspicuous.

t h e   P a t c h w o r k 

After realising I had to come up with a combination-design between the two brown - copper & black skirt, the coat & the more blue-ish, red influenced fabrications - I decided to design a mix-version of a coat I always wanted to tailor.

The collar is stretched longer than its suppose to be in combination with a "Spitzfasson"(german) which does reach until the margin. The challange was, to find the harmonious colour-match between the shapes of the pockets and the distribution of the textiles.

The arms had to be a "two-seam-sleeve" which you can identify because of the smaller part underneath the armbit which goes right to the backside. I decided on giving it the copper jersey.

g a l l e r y