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One of my very first designs, became at the same time, one of the most complex creations I'll tailor in the next 2 years of my education class at Michelbeuern School of Fashion. The entire chest & backpart was covered with a scale-system, which I've ordered from Canada and had to compile all by myself with special forceps. 

I used an A-shape for the scaffold which includes an interesting "open-cut" at the front and triangle folds at the backside of the dress. The arm bits have scale shaped shoulder-parts and the scale panelling goes all the way round from the chest till the upper back of the shoulder blades.

Photography & Graphic:

Christian Ertlbauer & Gregor Fotograpfie

This design was the first creation including our color concept, which you can find on the bottom left in one of the circle picture-frames. It's also related to an idea of Koi-carps as the color-combination reminds me of these beautiful fish. Even the scales go with this topic and the connection-elements at the backside of each scale, which are connected with each other, make it even possible to havea smooth movementexperience experience.

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