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RSA Competition Project - Posters & Publication


This project is especially for secondary school kids

to show and demonstrate what powerful things

design can do.

Task: Create 6 A3 poster ideas

For this project I decided to involve the technique of

screen-printing. To introduce this medium to

secondary school kids as an activity because out of

my research I discovered that kids these days are

too much involved in virtual games - "Game boy

print" (image 3 & 4)

The main purpose was to create an information

design piece to especially show and demonstrate

secondary school kids the process HOW to screen

-print in an easy visual way> See red & blue screen

-print discription below. I visualised with my own

illustrations how to use screen printing. (image 9)

My main focus within this project was to show what

the medium of screen-printing could do but at the

same time involving a quote, which makes people


I’m also demonstrating the 3D effect with 2 colours

made in print (see cover image above).

(image 8 & 10)

The technique of 4 colour (CMYK) screen-printing

was important for me to include because with this

process it is possible to print images so that the look

 like pictures with the small difference of having

raster points instead of pixel. See image with light

bulb. The message says: Isn’t it great when ideas

just work?

I took this phrase in combination with the idea of

printing on acetate. Printing every layer on a

separate acetate and when they overlap the give

the full image. This engaging composition creates

again ambiguity.(image 6-7) 

Image 5 shows the effect what happens if you print

black ink on black paper. In this case it was a shiny,

glossy paper. The effect of matt and glossy but int

the same colour can give an invisible effect. I used

embossing as well to press the typeface into the

glossy part:

"Design makes invisible - visible"

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