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My A level in 2008 was a branding project about

a "made up" short-film-festival called

"LICHT[BLICK]*" (german for blink or ray of hope).

The brief demanded our final year group to

create a full identity about this festival including

logo, posters and prints in a short period of time.​

It was totally up to us as designers what the

short-films were about, the content and how

the branding should look like. The only

commitment was it should look as abstract  as

possible as well as a series that should form a

whole without using any images from the

internet, only our owns.

Short exposure time

When it becomes darker in the city it isn't

always easy for a photographer to "hold" the

image in order to achieve a focused picture.

But what else is there than this "perfect"

photography effect of focusing a picture?

Long exposure time

​The answer is a long exposure were you get

this nice effect of dragging lights. This offers a

lot of experimentation where you never know

how the next picture will turn out, depending

on the light and the individual hand


Applying the brand

24 Bogen Plakate

The interesting part in this exercise was the

selection of the right images and the "image

detail". Which part is going to be shown? 

The only retouching on these images was the

intensity of the colours

Applying these posters to various places and

poster-walls around the city but only virtual

was another task on our brief in order to see

how it's going to function and if it would be

strong enough as "eye-catchers" for cars and


Portrait posters

The different formats are part of the brief as

we were told it had to be a series of images

and posters including all the information and

details for the even.


HOW / MUCH ?​...ETC.

The folder

Last but not least, we had to apply the whole

design to a program folder which should

include all the movies, articles, informations

and artists which join the short-film-festival.​

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