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MA visual summary

The visual summary is a synopsis of all the work processes,

developments, experiments I created during my journey on the MA

final project. It is a more visual publication than the report and

involve a lot of layout skills as well as written comments about

different developing stages, problems and improvements. Not every

failed experiment is a failure because from these stages you gain

experience as well which leads you further to a more appropriate


It is more or less a designed and clean version of a sketchbook.

The book-cover is made out of real wood which is dyed darker so that

the engrave laser cut/engrave typography comes out even stronger.

Binding: Hand made coptic bookbinding technique.

MA Report writing / History / Analysis

My final MA major project report is the theory behind my final

outcome. Research can be visual but also very complex and analytical.

There needs to be a reason for every step you do, every design decision

and choice in the various compositions, layouts, developments and


The format is a bit smaller than the A4 visual summery > A5.

The structure is a lot more detailed as there is more to read about and

less images. Theories such as Semiotics are used to explain the

relationship between text, image and symbols.

At this stage of reflecting my work, I actually found out about the real

purpose of my project which is CRAFT & PROCESS. It's was all about the

developments and stages until you finally reach your result.

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