work in progress...

Collage contest

As one of the last 20 nominees of the official Pepe Jeans Contest 2016, I felt honoured to get the massive opportunity of developing a collage, which was product in a class of its own on a one square meter canvas.

Eight Pepe Jeans sponsored by the company were given to us and merged into one hell of an artwork.


I came up with 2 different outfits visualised as Aquarell/Copic-Illustrations. In order to give my design an even more interesting touch, I decided to attache pins in order to make it look even more tinkered. I used a special acrylic glue to keep the Jeans attached to the canvas. Stitched parts gave the masterpiece its very own aura. I tried to give my best in cutting out the bits and pieces, which I thought are relevant for my final collage


The show

There's a difference between design and art.

Design followed a function or a purpose.

Art is in the eye of the beholder."

"All designs are following a specific structure. Without structure there cannot be order, and without order there cannot be design!"

The final piece

work in progress...