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The studio

at the London College

of Communication

The London college of Communication (LCC) was called London College of Printing (LCP) in the past as they have various huge printing areas such as the Letterpress studio in the basement.

Over 30 letterforms in different font sizes are available for the students on Foundation, Undergraduate and Postgraduate course.

Alex and Christian are the technicians who are happy to help you with their expertise and advice on project once you booked in. 

All of the printing areas require a "introduction course" at the beginning of the year. Where students get told how to behave in a studio environment like here in print-making.

You will be told what you can achieve in therms of possibilties and creativiy as well as what you are not allowed for example eating / drinking around the areas,...etc.

involved a rather new way of printing with letterpress as it it possible now with newer technologies such as laser cut to design and produce your own typeface on 3mm wood and attach it to 15mm blocks in order to print.

Interesting affects can be achied with textures of wood, plywood or MDF will give you different results as well as different pressure impacts.

On the printing press it is all about the "registration" and "positioning" of the letterforms. In this case I had 3 layers and you had to move them manually including measuring and calculating in points & pica systems.

The"key" is a tool to open and fix the letterforms on the "printing bed". Always remember, if you want to move your letters to the left, it's right on the bed.

Out of this measuring and test-print system was built an additional 

My project

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