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Byron Bay

T o  t h e   r o a d  


The hype around this magical place was always on top of my to-do list.

As soon as I started planning my road-trip, I planned 6 nights of staying in Byron Bay. A surfer village where even Australians travel for their own holiday. What you will realize pretty quickly while living Down Under is the fact that you actually find yourself in places where people intend to travel for their own holidays. Once you realize that  it's much harder to find a holiday destination within a holiday place. However, Byron Bay is exactly that. 

While staying with my van at one of many Byron Bay's camping grounds, I could perfectly enjoy my stay at its various beaches, stroll around the shops, have some drinks at beach bars while going clubbing at the local mini-club. Especially the beach-walk up to the lighthouse is the most relaxing activity you will experience throughout your stay. 

One lesson this calm destination is teaching you for sure is:

Being present. More than ever


Byron Bay


G a l l e r y 

The headline to the right means something differently to everyone else. For me it the time given in order to travel and experience the beauty of this planet

Words of gratitude


There are "heaps" of activities in and around Byron Bay. Doesn't matter if you are into sports such as surfing and "kanuing"  (like me at the bottom picture) or maybe something more calm such as yoga at the beach or the huge Sunday flea market along the beach park.

Especially booking a Kanu Tour was one of the highlights as you get to see Dolphins from up close along the coast.



Every time an adventure as soon as you step out of your door.


Even tho I'm not a morning person, but getting up early in order to experience Byron's mind-blowing sunrise before starting your day makes this Roadtrip even more special than it is already.

I can highly recommend the campsite along the beach and trying an expensive restaurant along it at least for once even tho backpackers and van - life  lovers have to be spart with their money calculations in other to see the most :) 


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