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Our task was to use at least 50% wool in one of our first skirt-creation. Everything else, from the design, detail & cut was our own choice & responsibility.  After accomplishing the sectional-drawing-stageI, I mainly focused on the colourful aspect of the design.I decided to go for a tonal version from brown to copper which had a black waistband & side-stripes at the side-seam. The manufacturing process appeared to be quite challanging as the two different materials shift apart very easily while sewing. The bottom margin is hemstitched.

t h e  p l a y f u l   i n t e r a c t i o n  

b e t w e e n   w o o l   a n d  j e r s e y

t h e   s k i r t

l o o k b o o k  s h o o t i n g

g a l l e r y 


Model: Elisa Berger

Photography & Graphic: Christian Ertlbauer & Gregor Fotograpfie

Location: School of fashion

Michelbeuern / Vienna

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