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Solar plate printing

To create something with the technique of

solar plate you need to buy one of these

plates in every printshop where you can

also get screenprinting equipment.

Than you need your image in black and

white, copied on acetate.

 Place the acetate on top of your solar

plate and expose it in the lightbox or in the

sunlight. (30min-1h).

The solarplate works like

expose in the light.

After this process you need to wash the

plate with water and a brush...

suddenly the relieve appears

(if you leave the plate longer in the light

than you get deeper relieves) Now your

plate is ready to print with it....Go to the

printing press add the oil based colour

you want and start printing...


The Story-board:

1) Collage Process:

It's a true love story, about a girl who lives in Havanna...

She was wondering where all the good man were gone, because she missed it a lot to have a boyfriend or even somebody to talk to...One day when she came home from shopping she was carrying so many things and on with her friend on the one 

at once and than she dropped some of her stuff...

Suddenly a very handsome guy came up to her and helped her picking up her things...
For her it was love at the frist glance...

After that she couldn't get him out of her head any more...she was thinking about calling him all the the end she called him and they went on their first date..

The met in a very famouse club called "Havana Club" where they had a couple of drinks and good conversations...

In the end he fall in love with her as well...


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