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One of the most difficult, but at the same time most important skills, as a designer or dressmaker, is the field of sectional drawing! Even if you're exclusively design-focused, it is a vital skill, one must know (at least) the basics, in my opinion to call yourself a fashion designer and contrast him or herself from autodidacts.

Below you'll find female drawings but also from my recent men's tailoring course as there is a lot of difference and variations to the female sectional drawing skills in the way of construction.

During the past two years at my fashion study in Vienna, we had the great honour to built up from the very basic principles right up to more advanced designes in the field of sectional drawing. These 2D geometric drawings need to be very accurate and tidy in an 1:4 scale. During our workshop-lessons we got to practise them 1:1. From basics skirts, dresses, corsages over trousers and later on jackets & coats. We've tried them all. Spending hours of getting it right and developing from a basic cut to a more delicate or tricky design, in less than two hours. The most difficult part is knowing "the rules". There a certain guidelines in this field of study, which you have to memorize and can't be explained logical unlike you know how it will turn out in 3D. It's all based on experience values. Furthermore you have to consider the fabric-texture as well and ask yourself this question: 

Is my fabric-choice the right one for my design?Everything matters when it comes to the point of deciding on a stretch, wool or thinner texture. Our aim was, to know HOW to construct from a finished model or drawing until you finially get to the ("finishing-cut") sewing/paper-patterns.

s e c t i o n a l  d r a w i n g 



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