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ipad app

all graphic are drawn by hand, first on paper and later on transformed into Illustrator by my college Kelvin from Canada, Dennis (founder of C7) and me.

To download it or test versions go to:

The idea behind

Toddlers or kids in an early stage are very adaptive. This is why they can learn languages very easy. With this app it will give mothers the opportunity to learn her child either chinese or english 



A veriety of animals, vegetables and fruit will be shown on the ipad screen once the app is started the toddler will hear the name and see the written word at the same time by touching the image. 

Touching the "clouds" you can switch between the languages. 

The red arrows on the sides will give you the opption to go back or forward.

The "key" in the left corner is for the mother or father to change settings, go to the app store, upgrade, or change the game.

Once your child fulfilled the task it will be rewarded with a golden medal to collect. There is no wrong or write in this game just flipping through images, hearing and seeing the word. 

How it works

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