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Loving the incredible fact that this peaceful place on earth is just an hour on the public bus away from Coogee and the City Center. Not just to keep in mind that Sydney offers the big city life, no it also has so much to offer in terms of nature, bush walks and like here, coastal walks.

Follow me on this mindful one day/afternoon trip.

La Perouse

C o a s t a l   W a l k

On my days off from work, I couldn't think of any better way to spending my free time exploring as many outdoor adventures as possible. Being surrounded by such a tropical landscape, surrounded by the ocean and wildlife is just utterly beautiful. I'm well aware of the fact that this combination is one of a kind and I wish you will also have the opportunity to visit La Perouse one day for yourself. It's defenetly worth a visit in case you have seen all the common Sydney sights already or plan this day-walk into your busy schedule. 

Another beautiful phoneme happens every year during Aussie Winter times: The whale season starts. When the whales are traveling from the North pole up the coast to warmer water around Brisbane for either having their babies or mating purposes. (last images below)

Especially the combination between guided platforms and one one or two signs to find your way along the coast. This protected national park area also involves a gold course which couldn't be any more random. Such a nice surprise and weird at the same time as you are never really sure if you are allowed to pass or not. However, such as with many things in life I suggest you:

Just keep going my friends!

" Keep going - Keep growing "

G A L L E R Y :

G A L L E R Y :

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