• The first steps in the right direction •

After I discovered my real passion for fashion design during my time in Berlin, I was absolutely focused to find a way how I could change into the fashion industry without having any educational background. 

Due to lucky cicumstantances Stefan Scheuring, founder of "absultion PR", was looking for an intern to supervice a number of designers he was proud to maintain in Berlin.

That was the time when I learned how to manage hundreds o emails, enquiries and phone-calls throughout the day. Puplic relations and being social was the key to success in the fashion industry. 

I always knew that my main destiny was more the designing, craft and manufacturing process, but I'm also very greatful to experience this side of the fashion inustry.

Another vital lesson was dealing with requests about lending out pieces of the designer's collections and managing their lending.

For example, the fashin label Bench intended to launch their new t-shirt colleciton inside their shop in Berlin mitte. That's why we had to organise & plan everything that comes with this buzzing summer-event.

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Stefan Scheuring,

Founder of Absolution PR Berlin

& me

P U B L I C  R E L A T I O N S

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