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The inspiration for this project was the artist Frida Kahlo & her extraordinary life. Frida was not only one of the most breathtaking artists of her time but a fashion-style-icon as well. The colour-combinations of her traditional clothes where refreshingly inspirationals. 

That was the reason why we focused on her style as our very first sewing & manufacturing project. The challage was to find fabric & textiles that could originate from the time she was living. Everything from lace over floral patterns up to ethnic structures could be possible for use.

Our course arranged a workshop-day, where we had our first "hand-on experience" with draping on mannequin once we had all our fabric materials.

Not an easy task & definitely no to underestimate but lot's of craft & process fun!

With the help of our technicians we made the impossible possibe: A bunch of amateurs managed to establish & develop a whole collection in the style of Frida Kahlo. We even had our own fashion-show named "Ethno Fashionshow".

This process was carried out without any paper- or sewing cuts. Pure measuring on the body and mannequins. After finishing off the collection pieces we went to the castle Belvedere in Vienna in order to have our very own fashion-shooting for our lookbooks later on.

At the end of the year I got the great honour to design the fashion-school's very own magazine in Frida Kahlo Style. That was the time when I could proof and apply my graphic design skills from my previous apprenticeship.

Find the footage below.


Project Frida Kahlo

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Ethno Fashionshow

Photoshooting at Belvedere Castle Vienna

Models: Elisa Berger & Larissa Feichtinger

The magazine "Style Matters"

s e l f m a d e   g r a p p h i c   d e s i g n